Footvolley, play safe!


For the knowledge of all clubs, associations, athletes and participants in general, we inform that our sport follows the most recent national guidelines regarding the “Prevention and Control Procedures for Leisure, Physical Activity and Sports Activities”, as well as as the guidelines of the European Footvolley League in terms of the security specificities.

Footvolley is legally equated to an individual modality, based in the law "Despacho 1710/2014, of 4 February published in Diário da República n.º 24/2014, Série II", because it corresponds to the characterization of a individual sport as indicated in 3rd point of the aforementioned law, and it is played by pairs in which the substitution of players is not allowed during the sport performance. As a complement, it is referred that the sport is played in sand, two against two, played outdoor, teams are separated by the net and without physical contact.

We advice all footvolley players to always comply with the most recent recommendations of the public national official health entities.

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