European Footvolley League Tour 2019 - Graz, Austria - Spain wins the 1st stage


The city of Graz in Austria saw a weekend full of spectacle and excitement with the first stage of the European Footvolley League Tour 2019.

There were 16 teams representing 14 countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, France, Greece, Holland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland, who discussed this 1st stage of 3, in seeking victory and qualification for the big final in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The big winners were the Spanish team Sergio Antolinos / Juan López, who beat French team Antoine Ottaviani / Alessandri Lucien by 2 sets to 1 with 14x18, 18x14 and 10x15. In the third position of the podium was the Austrian team Klemens Hofmann-Wellenhof / Jakob Hofmann-Wellenhof.

Bruno Flores / Marco Flores were the representatives of Portugal, who were defeated in the quarterfinals against the Italian team, 4th place in the competition.

The big winners of the women's tournament were the Norwegian team, Pernille Ingvaldsen Smith / Henriette Ingvaldsen, who won the German team Rebecca Gabriel / Stefanie Mohr in the final.

The second stage of the European tour will take place Schwäbisch Gmünd - Germany, from 14 to 16 June.