European Footvolley League Tour 2019 - Let the show begin


Since its formation in 2015, the European Footvolley League has been organizing a European Footvolleyl Championship each year - 2016 in Schwäbisch Gmünd - Germany, 2017 in Albufeira - Portugal and 2018 in Graz - Austria. These were the first unprecedented steps towards a unified competitive structure and exceeded expectations in the competitive spectacle and attention of the public.

For this year 2019 was added an extra incentive: The Qualification! The new concept of tour has increased the number of tournaments from one to four, with three qualifying tournaments leading to a European Championship.

For the first time in history, 15 countries will have to compete to qualify for the 12 seats in the European Championship final. In addition, the top three countries earn an extra place in the final phase that will have a new competitive format.

In this way, 3 stages will take place in 3 different locations that will decide which countries will get the right to fight for the 4th European title of the sport.

Get to know the Tour 2019 program:

1st Stage - Graz, Austria - May 30 to June 1
Team representative of Portugal: Bruno Flores / Marco Flores

2nd Stage - Schwabisch Gmund, Germany - June 14-16
Team representative of Portugal: Miguel Pinheiro / Filipe Santos

3rd Stage - Albufeira, Portugal - July 12-14
Teams representatives of Portugal: Miguel Pinheiro / Filipe Santos | Pedro Salvador / Ruben Santos

Final - Lucerne, Switzerland - August 23-25
Teams representatives of Portugal (a): Miguel Pinheiro / Filipe Santos | Pedro Salvador / Ruben Santos

(a) - Depends on the results on the tour. The best 12 countries of the tour get a team + an extra place for the best 3 of the tour and country organizer. Last 4 countries of the tour do not settle for the European final