Nelson Pereira / Miguel Pinheiro were at a great level in Israel


The national team Nelson Pereira / Miguel Pinheiro, national champions and current European champions in title, was once again at a great level, this time in Israel, at the Red Sea World Footvolley Tournament.

After a good victory against Paraguay by 2 sets to 1 (11x18, 18x8 and 15x6) in the semi-finals, Nelson Pereira / Miguel Pinheiro reached the final against the powerful Brazilian team made up of Eduardo Gasparini (Eduardinho) / Marcellino Schiling (Marcelinho ) where they ended up being defeated by 2 unanswered sets (18x10 and 18x8).

Another great participation and performance of the main Portuguese and European team!

We also highlight the participation of the Portuguese international referee Igor Oliveira.


One of the many great moments of the final

Semi-final point

Créditos: Facebook Israel Footvolley | Hoopoe Digital Photography