Nelson Pereira & Miguel Pinheiro, national champions 2017


The most decisive moment of the 12th edition of the National Footvoley Championship took place in Praia da Carvoeiro village, municipality of Lagoa. The big winners were Nelson Pereira & Miguel Pinheiro, from the Clube Desportivo da Póvoa (CDP), who won the title of National Footvolley Champions 2017, thus becoming 'tetracampeões' to add to the European title also won this year. In the big final, an extremely well played game, Nelson and Miguel beat Beto Correia & Filipe Santos (CD Póvoa) 2-0 in sets, with the 19-17s and 19-17s. In the 4th place of the championship were Pedro Salvador & Bonga (CD Póvoa), Alan Cavalcanti & Nilson Júnior (Victory C. Lisboa) in the 3rd place, Beto Correia & Filipe Santos (CD Póvoa) are the runners-up.

A special thanks to the public who greatly appreciated the show and to all the partners of the National Footvolley Federation.

Congratulations to all the athletes and clubs that participated and valued the 2017 National Championship!