Filipe Santos and Tiago Sá win in Quarteira 4th stage of the national championship


The young and valuable team composed by Filipe Santos and Tiago Sá, representatives of CD Póvoa, was the great winner of the 4th stage of the National Footvolley Championship 2017.

The city of Quarteira once again hosted a great sporting event, in proof to be counted for the 12th edition of the National Footvolley Championship.

There were 13 teams, namely 26 athletes, who evolved over the two days of competition (August 5 and 6), in the beach of Praia da Rosa Branca, with registration once again for the presence of teams from all over the continent and island Of Madeira.

The event began on Saturday (August 5), at 10:00 AM, with the teams evolving and discussing the qualification divided into four groups. In a first phase the less-ranked teams discussed access to Qualifying. The remaining most listed teams began their participation in the next. With the first 4 doubles cleared for the quarter-finals, the afternoon and the first day of competition closed with a Qualifying to determine the remaining 4 teams.

The second and final day of the stage, Sunday, August 6, had its start at 2:45 pm, with 8 teams measuring their strength in the quarterfinals. As a result of the matches in the schedule, the semi-finals were matched by Filipe Santos / Tiago Sá (CD Póvoa), Tiago Maio / Nuno Marques (CD Póvoa), Luís Pinto / Ruben Santos (Quinta dos Lombos) and Miguel Pita / Calita (UD Messinense).

As a result of the 2 games for the semi-finals, Filipe Santos / Tiago Sá won in 2 sets without an answer, since the team Luís Pinto / Ruben Santos had to sweat and enough to win in the 'black' and reach the final.

In a party mood and great animation, the big Final of the stage was discussed. The balance was the dominant mark in the game of all decisions, especially in the first set, with constant alternation in the scoreboard, and with the public and the emotions to the red, finishing Filipe Santos and Tiago Sá closing the marker in front by 19x17. With no margin for new sliding Miguel Pita and Calita began the second set trying to impose their game, but the best physical freshness of the opponent and a better balance in their actions laid waste all aspirations and with a new victory in the second set by clear 18x13, Filipe Santos and Tiago Sá closed their participation with the victory in the 4th stage.

The championship continues on the weekend of August 19 and 20 in the city of Santo Tirso, which will be the last stage before the grand final.

In an organization of the Quarteira Beach Sports Association under the supervision of the National Footvolley Federation, the main supporters of the event were Loulé City Hall, Parish Council of Quarteira, Jornal A Bola, A Bola TV, as well as other local partners.