Nelson Pereira & Miguel Pinheiro, national champions 2016


The 11th edition of the National Footvolley Championship was organized at Praia dos Pescadores in Armação de Pêra, Silves. The winners were Nelson Pereira & Miguel Pinheiro, representing Clube Desportivo da Póvoa, which won the title of Footvolley National Champions of 2016. At the final match, Nelson and Miguel won Tiago Melo & Pedro Salvador by 2-0 in sets, first set by 18-6 and 18-10 the 2nd. In 4th place were Bruno Xavier & Alexandre Oliveira, Filipe Santos & Beto in 3rd place, Pedro Salvador & Tiago Melo as vice-champions and Nelson Pereira & Miguel Pinheiro won the third consecutive championship title.

Special thanks to the magnificent audience and to all the partners and sponsors of the National Footvolley Federation.

Congratulations to all the athletes and clubs that participated in the National Championship!