Total dominance of the U.Porto in Portimão, in the National University Footvolley Championship


João Mesquita and João Sovat, student-athletes from the University of Porto (U.Porto) won the gold medals of the National University Footvolley Championship, an event held this Thursday, May 18, at Praia da Rocha, in Portimão.

Footvolley marked the end of concentrated beach competitions organized by FADU, in partnership with the Academic Association of the University of the Algarve (AAUAlg) and Portimão City Council, an event that also had the support of the National Footvolley Federation.

In the game of all decisions, the winning team faced Pedro Moura and Petterson Sampaio, also from the U.Porto, who ended up in second place, while Gabriel Moraes and José Barros closed the accounts of the podium, thus making the full concerning the domain of the U.Porto..

The protocol ceremonies were attended by the administrator of the Academic Federation of University Sports, Francisco Garcia, the president of AAUAlg, Fábio Zacarias, the president of the National Footvolley Federation, Carlos Coimbra, and the head of the sports division of the Municipality of Portimão, Ana Lucas.