Fábio Murraças and Nivaldo Barros win the 5th stage of the 2023 Algarve Regional Championship

The magnificent Arena da Ataboeira, a sports venue on the site of Ataboeira, in Albufeira, hosted this Saturday, April 22, the 5th stage of the 2023 Algarve Footvolley Regional Championship.

There were 19 teams representing the clubs FC "Os 11 Esperanças", CRD Santaluziense, Imortal DC/Bellavista and FC Ferreiras/Arena Ataboeira, this time as host, an initiative that results from a joint organization of the aforementioned clubs, still from Quarteira Beach Sports, and which deserved from the first moment the support of the National Footvolley Federation.

Throughout the day, the athletes from the Algarve evolved in a great atmosphere of conviviality and competition, in a total of 36 games to determine the big winners of the regional stage, with the FC Ferreiras/Arena Ataboeira team composed of Fábio Murraças/Nivaldo Barros to get the better of the FC 11 Esperanças team composed of Djalmir Andrade / André Rachadinho in the most decisive game of the stage. The 3rd position on the podium was given to the team Bruno Xavier / Ricardo Pereira from Imortal DC.

The regional championship has its most decisive moment scheduled for the next 6th of May, with the CRD Santaluziense court, in the municipality of Tavira, hosting the Final Phase.



1st Place - Fábio Murraças and Nivaldo Barros - FC Ferreiras/Arena Ataboeira
2nd Place - Djalmir Andrade / André Rachadinho - FC 11 Esperanças
3rd Place - Bruno Xavier / Ricardo Pereira - Immortal DC
4th Place - Alexandre Bentes / Tiago Nunes - FC Ferreiras/Arena Ataboeira