This Saturday, Vigo hosted the 1st Stage of the Luso-Galaica Footvolley League 2023

The beach of O Vao, in Vigo (Spain) hosted this Saturday the first stage of the Luso-Galaica Footvolley League, a competition involving athletes from the north of Portugal as well as neighboring Spain, more specifically from the region of Vigo.

There were 22 teams in competition, representing CF Vigo, the hosts, CD Póvoa and Academia Altamente (Porto).

The stage began at 10:00 local time, with the teams divided into 4 different groups, with the Group Stage closing after 50 games. For the next phase, the Elimination Phase, the 4 best ranked teams in each group advanced.

In a day full of competition, lots of conviviality and animation, the big winners were Filipe Santos / Vitor Vilaça, representatives of CD Póvoa, current national title champions, winning in the last game the 'local' team composed by Dieguito / Borja from CF Vigo, with the remaining places on the podium being given to Bertinho / Rafa (CD Póvoa) and Marco Flores / Bruno Flores (CD Póvoa).

This was the first of three stages of this competition, with the second stage already scheduled for the 15th of April, with the city of Porto being the great host.