Footvolley highlighted at Albufeira Secondary School


With the objective of promoting, expansion and development of Footvolley in the national territory and specifically in a school context, namely through the 'Play Footvolley' project, an action was carried out on the 6th of December to disseminate/demonstrate the modality, in collaboration with Professor Domingos Quádrio, teacher at the Secondary School of Albufeira and one of his Sports classes.

Coach Rodrigo Faísca, with the help of several athletes from FC Ferreiras/Arena Ataboeira, namely Francisco Gonçalves, 'Luisinho' Freitas, Duarte Bispo and Miguel Freitas, demonstrated the main fundamentals and techniques of Footvolley under the close observation of the school community that did not lose the opportunity to experience and enjoy with great enthusiasm a completely different class.

This was undoubtedly a very enriching and important initiative with regard to providing a better knowledge of the sport, especially with a younger community and in the primordial phase of its formation.

The National Footvolley Federation, in articulation with affiliated associations and clubs, maintains its purpose in the continuous promotion of the sport in the most diverse ways, which is an effective bet on the loyalty of new practitioners.