Djalmir Andrade and David Peres win the 9th stage of the National Championship


Djalmir Andrade and David Peres, one of the best known and most experienced duos of National Footvolley, representatives of FC 11 Esperanças, were the big winners of the 9th stage of the Campeonato Nacional de Futevólei 2022, played this weekend, September 3rd and 4th, in Moura, more specifically in the sand field of the Car Park of Quartéis, in an initiative inserted in the Intermarché Move Moura program.

The city of Moura relived two very competitive days similar to the previous edition, the Algarve duo Djalmir Andrade and David Peres (FC 11 Esperanças), with a very assiduous presence in the big decisions and who had been fighting and chasing victory in a stage for a long time, finally reached their goal, beating all the opponents they faced, climbed to the highest place on the podium.

The 9th stage of the championship was attended by 16 teams/doubles, representing 6 clubs, from the north to the south of Portugal.

On Saturday, September 3rd, there were 8 teams in competition, divided into 2 different groups, with the Silver Stage extending during the afternoon and evening, in a total of 16 games, with the first 4 places of the Silver Stage under discussion. Tomás Amorim / João A. Vieira (CT Alan Cavalcanti), António Custodinho / Nivaldo Barros (FC 11 Esperanças), Raul Curvelo / Frank Tavares (FC 11 Esperanças) and Bruno Carvalho / Victor Gonzalez (CT Alan Cavalcanti), in that order , guaranteed the passport to the Gold Stage.

The last day of competition, Sunday, September 4th, with the Gold Stage scheduled, began at 2:00 pm, with 22 games on the agenda, to find the big winners of the stage.

On a day full of emotions, a lot of spectacle and animation, before the most decisive moment there were 2 very disputed semi-finals, while in the first semi-final Bruno Menezes / Eduardo Oliveira (FC Carcavelos) the duo in greater evidence in this edition of the championship, they started very well in the 1st set ahead the valuable and renowned duo from Póvoa do Varzim constituted by Miguel Pinheiro / Beto Correia (CD Póvoa), with the score closing in the 18x5. In the 2nd set, the pair from the north redeemed themselves and in a highly disputed and emotional set, they won by the partial 18x15. Arrived at the 'tiebreak' set with the qualification still open, the Póvoa do Varzim duo were better again, meeting with their most usual level, they closed the set and the game with the scorer interrupting its march in the 15x8. In the second semi-final Djalmir Andrade / David Peres (FC 11 Esperanças), despite the good replica of the duo Bruno Xavier / Francisco Neto (Imortal DC) in the 1st set that, won 18x13 and in the 2nd set they were irreproachable guaranteeing the qualification for the final after winning again, this time by a clear 18x5.

With the 2 finalist pairs known, it was important to know who would occupy the last place on the podium, and Bruno Menezes / Eduardo Oliveira (FC Carcavelos) confirmed their greatest favoritism against Bruno Xavier / Francisco Neto (Imortal DC) ended up winning with the score of 18x11.

In the game of all decisions, and what game, Djalmir Andrade / David Peres (FC 11 Esperanças), started better and closed the 1st set with the scoreboard indicating 18x15. With no room for another slip, Miguel Pinheiro / Beto Correia (CD Póvoa ) achieve a better balance in their actions and take the game to the 'tiebreak' after winning by 18x16. In the 3rd and final set and after 36 points played, Djalmir Andrade / David Peres (FC 11 Esperanças) finished the game in 19x17, and reach victory and the highest place on the podium.

There were 2 intense days, with emphasis on the quality of the sports show, the constant animation and emotions shared with everyone present, without a doubt another great moment of affirmation of the modality considered by many as the best sports show played on the sand.

Organized by the Federação Nacional de Futevólei, the event had the main support of the Municipality of Moura, Intermarché, Claw, SportsPartner, among other local partners.

The next and final stage, the tenth, takes place next weekend, September 10th and 11th, with Praia do Náutico, in Póvoa de Varzim, hosting once again the best footvolley and the main figures of the portuguese footvolley.