Alan Cavalcanti and Ruben Santos win 7th stage in Castelo de Vide


The last day of the competition, Sunday, August 21st, with the Gold Stage on the agenda, started at 9:30 am, with 22 games to be played, to find the big winners of the stage.

For the second consecutive year in the municipality of Castelo de Vide, with the Póvoa e Meadas Dam as a natural setting, on a day full of emotions and a lot of spectacle, before the most decisive moment there were 2 very disputed semi-finals, while in the first semi-final Alan Cavalcanti / Ruben Santos (CT Alan Cavalcanti) quite safe and effective, in 2 sets with no response, they got the better of Bruno Xavier / Francisco Neto (Imortal DC), with the score closing with the partials 18x15 and 18x7, in the second semi-final Marco Flores / Pedro Garrido (CD Póvoa), only in the 'tiebreak' set they managed to overtake André Rachadinho / Marco Silva (FC 11 Esperanças), with the marker marking the partials of 18x12, 12x18 and 15x6.

With the 2 finalist pairs known, it was important to know who would occupy the last place on the podium. André Rachadinho / Marco Silva (FC 11 Esperanças), who despite not having entered the stage with the 'right foot', were imposing their game and surprising their opponents were more capable than Bruno Xavier / Francisco Neto (Imortal DC) winning by 18x12 and cliching the third place of this stage.

In the game of all decisions, Alan Cavalcanti / Ruben Santos (CT Alan Cavalcanti), despite the attempt to respond by the Póvoa do Varzim duo, physically fitter, defending well and attacking even better, ended up winning without major surprises Marco Flores / Pedro Garrido (CD Póvoa) in 2 sets with no response, namely with the partials 18x12 and 18x8.

Organized by the Federação Nacional de Futevólei, the event had the main support of the Municipality of Castelo de Vide, Claw, SportsPartner, among other local partners.

Numa organização da Federação Nacional de Futevólei, o evento contou com o principal apoio do Município de Castelo de Vide, Claw, SportsPartner, entre outros parceiros locais.

The next stage, the eighth, takes place next weekend, 27th and 28th of August, with Praia da Rocha in the city of Portimão, hosting once again the best footvolley and the main figures of the sport.