5th stage - National Footvolley Championship 2019 - Portimão

10/08/2019 - 11/08/2019

The city of Portimão and its magnificent sports area in Praia da Rocha, once again hosted the best National Footvolley and the main national competition, the National Championship.

On August 10 and 11, the main national athletes, evolved in the sands of the European City of Sport 2019, in search of precious ranking points and victory in the last stage before the Final.

Beto Correia and Filipe Santos, athletes representing CD Póvoa, were the big winners of the stage leading the team David Peres / Djalmir Andrade, representatives of FC 11 Esperanças, by 2 sets to 1, with the partials of 18x12, 10x18 and 17x15. in the most decisive game of the competition.

The remaining podium places were handed over to the two losing semi-finalists, namely Nelson Pereira / Jorge Gamboa (CD Póvoa) and Xande / Coquinha (EF Alan Cavalcanti / Imortal DC).

During the 2 days of the competition the athletes tried to show themselves at their best technical level, but they had as their main opponent the wind that made itself felt and in a way damaged this great sports show practiced in the sand.

Organized by the National Footvolley Federation, the event was mainly supported by Portimão City Hall, Portimão 2019 - European City of Sport, IPDJ, AlgarExperience, Sports Partner, Claw, MyCujoo, as well as other local partners.

The most decisive moments of the stage were once again broadcast live on Mycujoo TV.