6th stage - National Footvolley Championship 2018 - Cascais

04/08/2018 - 05/08/2018

The beach of Ribeira in Cascais, once again welcomed a stage of the National Footvolley Championship, a great spectacle!

On August 4 and 5, there were 20 teams, 40 athletes, the main national footvolley players, coming from all over the country, including the Autonomous Region of Madeira, which evolved in the sand of ??Cascais, providing the public with all the 'art of the feet to the head' that characterizes this sport.

The big winners of the 6th stage were Filipe Santos / Beto Correia (CD Póvoa), in the final they won the team Pedro Salvador / Bonga (CD Póvoa) in 2 sets with the 18x13 and 20x18s, 3rd place on the podium was conquered by the teams Alan Cavalcanti / Ruben Santos (EF Alan Cavalcanti) and Marco Flores / Pedro Garrido (CD Póvoa).

In an organization of Escolinha de Futevólei Alan Cavalcanti with the supervision of the National Footvolley Federation, the main supporters of the event were Cascais City Hall, Melom Obras Linha, AlgarExperience, Bola TV, as well as other local partners.