4th stage - National Footvolley Championship 2018 - Santa Luzia-Tavira

21/07/2018 - 22/07/2018

The main national footvolley event once again visited the town of Santa Luzia, in the municipality of Tavira, one of the most traditional places.

On 21 and 22 July, the public garden of the village was once again filled and welcoming the main athletes of the National Footvolley.

The big winners were the valuable national team runners-up formed by Filipe Santos / Beto Correia (CD Póvoa), with the 4th consecutive victory in other stages! Pedro Salvador / Bonga (CD Póvoa), (3ºs) Vitor Vilaça / Júlio Alves (CD Póvoa) and Ruben Santos / Bruno Carvalho (EF Alan Cavalcanti) were in the remaining places on the podium.

In an organization of the Clube Recreio e Desporto Santaluziense under the supervision of the National Footvolley Federation, the main supporters of the event were the Municipality of Tavira, the Municipality of Santa Luzia, AlgarExperience, the Ball TV, Multifrequência, XL Conta, as well as other local partners.